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Simple Ways to Keep Supporting Small Business After the Outbreak

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A small business is often the realization of a life-long goal or dream. The products sold represent the imagination, passion, and dedication of the small business owner. We all have dreams, and we all want them to be supported. Know that when you shop local, you are supporting the dreams of another human being.

Though it can feel much easier to type in a website on your browser or fill up a shopping cart on an ecommerce app, we feel the aforementioned reasons make supporting small businesses a more rewarding and worthwhile experience.

The coronavirus outbreak won’t last forever, and once it’s over, your favorite local businesses will still need your help. Here’s a list of 17 tips for how you can support small business owners—either as a consumer or fellow small business owner—year-round.

Shop at Small Businesses, This one’s pretty self-explanatory. What better way to genuinely support small businesses than by patronizing them? You can do this whenever, wherever. Just step out your door and take a walk down Main Street.

Participate in “Small Business Saturday”, Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving—it will be on Nov. 28 in 2020. Similar to Black Friday, it’s a day for small businesses to entice more customers by offering deals and discounts or something special.

Whether you’re a consumer or small business owner yourself, promoting Small Business Saturday inherently promotes small businesses by helping them generate even more revenue during the busy holiday season. It reminds people that while they may get great deals at department stores or big-name brands on Black Friday, there are still opportunities to spend locally and get a great deal.

Skip Black Friday, Unless it’s to support a small business, consider staying home on Black Friday. One way to support small businesses is to not spend your money at non-small businesses like department stores or major national or international brand stores. Those places are likely to be total zoos on Black Friday anyway—so save yourself the hassle and visit a small business instead.

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